Saturday, May 07, 2011

Ask God for Freedom from Sin

Do you feel as though you are not making progress in your spiritual life?  Are you in a spiritual rut?

Totus Tuus Ministries has a very down-to-earth and helpful page on overcoming one's root sin.  According to this website, all sins can be traced back to one of three basic sins:  Pride, Sensuality or Vanity.

Each sin has to do with where we place our sense of security. Pride involves basing one's security on the self, sensuality bases security in things and feelings, and vanity places security in what others' think of me.

After reading the specific characteristics of each of the 3 root sins, you decide which one you may be struggling with the most at this time. Then,  list the manifestations of  that sin in your life.

To root out the sin, choose its opposite virtue and list specific things you will do to practice that virtue in your life.  Then, pick someone (Christ, or a saint, for example) whose life exemplifies that virtue for you to imitate.

The website has examples of the above program for each of the three root sins and is very helpful in making this concrete and easy to understand.

Totus Tuus Ministries is especially helpful for those who do not have a spiritual director, although it can be used for anyone.


RAnn said...

I'm no expert on spirituality, but I figured that out about the sins I keep repeating. Never thought about using an opposite virtue to attack the problem. Thanks.

Dymphna said...

You're welcome. It is a wonderful website with great advice.

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