Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beethoven's 7th Symphony and The King's Speech--revisited

I know The King's Speech has been out there a while, but I finally found a clip from the original movie showing the *perfect* blending of music and acting that beautifully depicts the unbearable tension felt by both the King and the British people on the eve of the Second World War.  The citizens of Great Britain endured a great deal during that war--something most of us in the United States can not even imagine.

I think Geoffrey Rush's acting equals that of Collin Firth in this extremely well-done movie.


newguy40 said...

I have complete set of Beethoven's Symphonies and Overtures on my itunes.

I don't think I go more than a few days without listening. There is nothing that gets me more touched than the 4th movement of the 5th.
This section is such an evocation of Triumph and Victory that I never fail to feel uplifted.
Egmont overture and the Coriolanus overture are also my favorites.

I do often thank God for the gift of Music and the genius of Beethoven, Mozart and Dvorak. Amazing.

Haven't seen the movie tho! :)

Dymphna said...

I love the internet because I can find all this beautiful music.

You've got to see this movie!

Michele said...
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Dymphna said...
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