Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday--Patricia Routledge

Today's Music Monday features not so much a composer as a singer. Patricia Routledge is best known for her portrayal of Hyacinth Bucket, the annoying and over-controlling English woman who sings decidedly off-key.

It is a bit of a shock to hear Routledge in this album from sometime in the 1960's or 70's singing Jerry Herman's And I Was Beautiful. The lyrics are very touching and Routledge does a splendid job conveying the love that is being illustrated by this piece. Her gorgeous alto voice overcomes the saccharine strings and piano accompaniment and her annunciation is perfect, in keeping with her stated belief that the English language is a beautiful thing worth learning how to speak properly.

Enjoy this!

In case you have not seen Patricia Routledge singing in her role as Hyacinth, here is a taste of what she must do--sing off key while accompanying herself on piano. She has said this is not easy to do if you already know how to sing well.

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TACParent said...

I can imagine how much talent it took for her to sing OFF key. Pretty amazing. To be honest, I think I enjoyed the second video more. I was in the mood for something to make me laugh and smile. ; ) That said, too much of it would get old rather quickly. LOL!!!

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