Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Monday--John Michael Talbot

John Michael Talbot has been composing and singing since the 1970's.  He began at the age of 18 in a rock group called Mason Profitt and was the opening act for such groups as The Byrds, Pink Floyd, Janice Joplin and the Grateful Dead.  Once he realized how his musical idols were living--how shallow and sad their drug-filled lives were, he knew he had to get out and live a more authentic life.

He is the founder of Brothers and Sisters of Charity and Little Portion Hermitage which follow a Franciscan spirituality and is open to both married and single people.

You can find some of his teachings on his website as well as on his YouTube site, where you can also find videos of his music like the one below.

This is John Michael Talbot's Hymn to the Praises of God.


TACParent said...

My favorite John Michael Talbot song will always be, "Be Not Afraid." His voice is so smooth. His belief shines through his music (voice and instrumental).

Dymphna said...

It really does.

RAnn said...

I love his music,

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