Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Feast of Stephen

I run around every December 26th singing this song. It is one of my favorites of the season. 


C. said...

It's one of my Dad's favorites. I find him humming it almost everyday when it nears Christmas.

Dymphna said...

Aw, that's neat!

TACParent said...

Did you sing it as Mass today? I always liked this one too!

Dymphna said...

No! It's not in the hymnal. Its not really a religious song except for the mention of it being St. Stephen's day. But I've always liked it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. Do you know who the singers were?

I've wondered how this song came to be associated with Christmas, since it really has nothing to do with the holiday. And St. Stephen's feast day--the day the events in the song take place--is actually the day after Christmas.

Wenceslaus was actually the duke of Bohemia, not a king. Do you know if he was ever officially canonized by the Church?

But it's a good song, and this is a fine rendition of it. :-)


Dymphna said...

Evan--since Christmas lasts until Epiphany on January 6, the feast of St. Stephen does fall within "the 12 days of Christmas", so that would explain why it is a song associated with Christmas.

St. Wenceslaus is a patron of the Czech Republic and was canonized because he suffered a martyr's death in September of 935.

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