Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Disability Awareness

I've discovered a new website and journal: A Ragged Edge.  It is a disability rights organization that has information about employment, education, transportation, the law, and, perhaps most importantly, essays and poetry on the disability experience from the inside. 

The disability rights movement is important, not just for those with physical disabilities, but so that all in our society will feel included and valued.  Awareness of what individuals with physical and mental disabilities face every day is important for enhanced compassion and understanding among all of humanity.

To assume that everyone can walk, see, hear, drive, or work in a fast-paced and highly pressured  environment is to alienate a good portion of our population to the "ragged edge" of society and to lose their valuable skills and talents.

As human beings, as Christians and as Catholics, we need to recognize the humanity of everyone and champion that humanity no matter what the cost.

Note:  I also have a new category on my lower sidebar: Disability Awareness.  


Michele said...

i have been many times over, the subject of verbal abuse because of my ocd. its very painful to be bullied by those who don't get it, and don't want to try to be compasssionate, or understand what its like to have to suffer with a mental illness and yes, even physical disabilities! i've been subjected to decades of humiliation because of my ocd and physical disabilities. those who are ignorant are the ones who might end up disabled and then and only then do they understand what you've gone thru.

Michele said...

im thought you might like to know that i just made a post now about my mental illness and bullying. you might find it an interesting post.

Dymphna said...

Yes, exactly, Michele. As a dear friend of mine says, we are all one accident away from a disability.

Hold my hand: a social worker's blog said...

Thanks for sharing the website. Seems quite interesting.


Dymphna said...

You're welcome, Doris.

TACParent said...

"...and to lose their valuable skills and talents." It truly saddens me that there are many individuals who don't see the gifts that show up in people with disabilities. We each have something to offer. We each our one of God's children.

Dymphna said...

Exactly. We desperately need to make room in our society for ALL our people. There are so many who have so much to contribute who are marginalized because we as a society put everyone in a tiny and uncomfortable box that is not really fit for anyone.

Carol@simple_catholic said...

It is wonderful that there are support groups and websites like Ragged Edge that exist now.

I have mild cerebra palsy and I felt very much alone sometimes growing up. I was shy and made fun of because I "walked funny".

Thank you for bringing disability awareness to the forefront.

God bless you.

Barbara said...

Having become disabled but not apparently so on the outside, I am glad you linked to this new site. I would dearly love to work to the extent possible, but I don't see opportunities or know how to publicize my talents. Maybe this site will help me.

Dymphna said...

I think disability awareness is really, really important.

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