Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pope sets the Style in Scotland

The pope has been visiting Great Britain this week.

In his honor, a new tartan was designed by Matthew Newsome, director of The Scottish Tartans Museum in North Carolina.

Material was then made by Ingles Buchan of Glasgow, in Scotland and worn as a scarf by the pope, his private secretary and Cardinal Keith O'Brien of Scotland  during a procession in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh.

Since then, orders for ties and scarves in the new material have poured in.

Here is the symbolism of the colors used in the pattern:
  • The white and blue are Scotland's national colors.
  • The green isfor the lichens growing in Galloway.
  • The red and white are from Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman's crest.
  • The yellow is from the Vatican flag.


Michele said...

the wrap looks good on the Holy Father:) green is definitely his color:D

Dymphna said...

Michele--I sent you an e-mail!

Michele said...

i dont have that email address anymore. send it via my blog. :)in com box please:)

Dymphna said...

I can't get to your blog! That's what the e-mail was about! :(

Michele said...

oh noes! what happened when you tried?

Dymphna said...

It gives me a big red screen saying, "This site may harm your computer."

Michele said...

i think its fixed. try visiting. the malware warning you got is a known issue with rpc blogrolling which i never signed up for. i reported the issue to blogger as shirley reported the same incident you did. she says it seems to be fixed. i hope she's right.

Dymphna said...

It's fixed, Michele! Thanks!!

Barbara said...

I'd love to see that fabric up close. It looks very beautiful. Perhaps "Papal" tartan will take its place alongside the Stewart, etc. plaids.

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