Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homeless in America

I found a powerful and challenging blog--Homeless in America.  It is a Catholic blog, complete with quotes and inspiration on the sidebar by Dorothy Day, Mother Teresa and Saint Bernadette.  Yet, it does not (that I've seen) argue or pontificate about what style of liturgy is the "right" style.  It doesn't wring its hands about the minutia of daily worship.  It doesn't spend its time and waste its space complaining about how horrible things are in the Church.

Instead, it challenges its readers to think about the "least" in the world; in America.  It reaches beyond a particular political fashion du jour and gets to the meat of Christianity--seeing God in the poor; living our faith in Jesus by getting out of our spiritual and financial navel gazing and putting our values where our faith is.

This is where Catholicism excels--although not nearly as much as it could.  The Church built the first schools.  The Church built the first hospitals.  The Church has nurtured men and women who have literally given up everything to serve God's people year after year for their entire lives.

We are being made impotent as a church by infighting about things that even Jesus admitted would not last. It is time we wake up.  It is time we live our faith.  It is time we become Christian.


TACParent said...

I'd add "seeing God in those with disabilities."

Dymphna said...

Absolutely! Good point!

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