Saturday, August 21, 2010

Calumny and Detraction--a Sin Against Peace

I was thinking of calumny and detraction today.  They are 2 big words which encompass the sin of gossip. Gossip can be a sin whether or not what we say is true.

Detraction is saying something against another person that is not true--spreading falsehood against one's neighbor.

Calumny is harming another's reputation by saying something that is, nevertheless, true.

Both are sins against the 8th commandment and both are discouragingly easy to do.

They are also both sins against peace. If we are to have peace we are to be peace.  It is difficult, but everything is possible through the grace of God.

Our Lady, Queen of Peace, 
Pray for us! 


Barbara said...

So glad you remarked on this. It is absolutely true that these two sins destroy peace. They are essential to the game "Let's you and him fight." I can hardly stand to watch the news because of the steady stream of calumny and slander and outright gossip that goes out over the airwaves. And if I hear one more time the over-used word "shocking" I think I'll tear out what little hair I have left. What is shocking is people going to hell. The possibility that we ourselves could go there ought to sober us up and make us get our priorities straight. Thanks for letting me vent here.

Anonymous said...

It's so gratifying to gossip. I've heard these terms but never seen them defined. Definitely something I need to watch out for.

Dymphna said...

I hadn't thought of the news (and television in general) when posting this, but you are right, Barbara. So much of it is calumny and detraction.

Michele said...

my beloved mother (God rest her soul) always told me, " don't be counted in amongst the gossip mongers". how true those words are. she was right then, and willl always be right. gossip can seriously harm one or harm one's reputation. thanks for the great post. its always thought provoking when we have to sit back and listen to sound advice that is timeless.

Dymphna said...

Your mom sounds like she was a very wise woman.

TACParent said...

"If we are to have peace we are to be peace. It is difficult, but everything is possible through the grace of God." I couldn't have said it better. Bravo!!!

Dymphna said...


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