Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scripture Saturday--Hospitality

I heard a wonderful EWTN sermon on Martha and Mary this week.  

Instead of painting a typically negative picture of "bad Martha" the priest stressed that what she was trying to do was the very important gift of hospitality. After talking about how difficult it was to put a "feast" on the table in the first century, (after all, you have to round up the animal, slaughter it, prepare it and cook it) he said we should all be sacrificially hospitable to Jesus, and listed some things each of us may be called to do in that regard.  He said to pray about it and see what you might be called to do out of this list: 

  • Examination of conscience each day.  There are 2 types: 
    • Particular--related to a vice or fault you are currently struggling with. Do this about half way through each day. 
    • General--go over your entire day in light of each of the 10 commandments.
  • Monthly confession
  • Lecto Divina--reading of Scripture--daily office either online, or via Magnificat
  • Weekly Eucharistic adoration
  • Daily Mass
  • Daily Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet
  • Use of sacramentals: medals, holy water, etc. 
  • Daily offering--either prewritten or from the heart
  • Daily Act of Contrition--prewritten or from the heart
  • Fasting as prescribed by the Church (2 small meals not equal to one large one w/ water between)
  • Keeping friday as a special, penetential day, as required by the Church. 
I would add: 
Praying the Jesus prayer throughout the day.  This is a wonderful short prayer that can be used, either by counting on a prayer rope, or just extemporaneously as you find yourself either bored, angry or frustrated with something during the day.  


newguy40 said...

A couple comments...

During one of the daily mass I attended last week, the pastor reinforced the fact that the word "disciple" and "discipline" are related. I guess that kinda hit home for me. I am currently in a bit of a dry period. At times, I have been very well disciplined with daily mass, daily rosary, evening or night prayer, daily examine of conscious. Other times, like now, it seems very... errr... dry. Your post also reminds me of the incredicle richness in Catholic devoition. How that richness is not well publicized from during the homily or from catechesis. *sigh*

Dymphna said...

All true. I'm going through a bit of a dry time as well. Life is so cyclical.

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