Tuesday, June 15, 2010

God's Gift

This beautiful bouquet is a mixture of "real" flowers and weeds that have sprung up in my front garden.  Like life, I believe that weeds are really in the eye of the beholder.


TACParent said...

A florist couldn't have designed a more beautiful bouquet! Nature is an amazing thing, eh? Beautiful!!!

Kindred Spirit said...

Flowers! They are lovely!

Dymphna said...

Isn't it neat?! To me, anything with flowers can't really be a weed.

Lee Strong said...

I find weeds have their own beauty - and certainly they have worth, for they are among God's creations.

Dymphna said...

I think weeds are a gift from God because they are so strong and prolific.

Barbara said...

The colors are perfect together. I always thought that calling a dandelion a "weed" was hardly fair, they are so beautifully yellow. I couldn't recognize the purple flowers in the picture, but they don't seem like weeds to me. I wonder what would happen if you brought them inside in a bouquet?

Dymphna said...

I'm so glad someone else agrees with me about dandelions!

I think my bouquet would last longer outside, but it is tempting to bring it in.

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