Thursday, June 24, 2010

Downsize DC!!!

Are you as tired of the government's antics as I am?  Would you like to see some legislation passed to force Congress to read the bills they vote on?!  How about making sure Congress writes its own laws and not delegate that job to unelected Executive branch bureaucrats?  (What ever happened to separation of powers?!)

Would you like to stop the government from seizing the assets of people who have committed no crime?

Is it important for you to continue to have access to vitamins and dietary supplements?

If any of these issues are important to you, join Downsize DC.  Their mission is to decrease the size of government, wasteful spending and  stop unconstitutional legislation. Visit their campaigns page to see what you can do to put power back into the hands of the individual and out of the hands of intrusive government.  They make it easy to send off e-mails to your elected officials stating your point of view regarding these and other important issues.

Fed up with politics?  Here's an easy way to do something about it!

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