Saturday, May 08, 2010

Novena to St. Dymphna--day three

Note: This gorgeous watercolor of Saint Dymphna is by Taylor Greenfield.


INTENTION: Acceptance of God's Will
THOUGHT: Do not let your heart be troubled. John 14:27


It is You, great and all-powerful God, whom we worship in paying veneration to Your saints. Our many sins and failings keep us ever conscious of our need for the help of the Blessed in heaven. Their earthly lives give us reason to hope more firmly, to imitate their example more closely, and to seek their aid more confidently in our present trials. We ask the favor of Your grace, most loving Father, in this novena of prayer in honor of St. Dymphna. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.


Dear St. Dymphna, I come to you daily during this novena to expose my wants and troubles. I firmly believe that your delicate charity will hear my plea for help.
You know the temporal and spiritual favors I need at this time. Look down graciously upon me and obtain these favors for me from God, the infinitely kind Giver of all good things.
O blessed St. Dymphna, I trust in your protection to be preserved from all bodily and spiritual perils. May I be just and prudent, patient and strong, gentle and kind. From you I await inspiration and encouragement to pursue my vocation, to give glory to my Creator, and to win eternal salvation.
Be mindful of me especially in the dangers and needs of the present hour. Assist me during life and at the hour of death, that it may be well with me for everlasting years. Amen.

PRAYER: Dear St. Dymphna, I firmly believe that God holds our destinies in His hands. He arranges everything for our good here or hereafter. He presides at the sparrow's fall and over everything that happens to us.
And yet, I find it hard at times to accept His doings. When I face pain or sorrow, I'm inclined to question His will. I feel He ought to deal with me differently.
May I appeal to you, then, for help in accepting His will as a true Christian should? Teach me to welcome my Father's visitations no matter what the manner of His coming to me.
Show me how all the bits of life's jigsaw puzzle have God's signature on them, and how each falls into place. With your gracious help I shall give my Lord a free hand to arrange for my life's joyful and sorrowful mysteries. Then, after earth's exile, may I receive the reward promised those who do His holy will. Amen.

PRACTICE: God's will may sometimes strike us as harsh or puzzling. Accept His will as our peace. He who sees all knows what is best for us. Trust Him.

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