Saturday, April 10, 2010

Scripture Saturday

Keep my eyes from what is false.
~Psalm 119
Today's daytime prayer from the Liturgy of the Hours
Distractability can be a way to escape reality. If we are not naturally prone to distraction, today's society constantly lays that temptation before us.

We need to be present in the moment, and avoid letting our eyes wander away from the reality of the now, even in tense or frightening moments.

We need to learn to lean on God and ask for His help.  He is available at every moment because He is outside time.

All we need to do is reach out.


Marilena said...

exactly right. A lot of people do not realize that God exists outside of time. i'd rather keep my mind focused on the here and now, and on god and utterly lean on Him for everything!

Anonymous said...

Not easy to do! My mind is a bucking bronco that doesn't want to be tamed. I agree that cultivating mindfulness is beneficial (Buddhists have longed recognized it), but doing it is not so simple... Any suggestions that have worked for you?


Dymphna said...

I'm just learning to do this. I am trying to catch myself when my mind wanders and bring it back to the moment.

TACParent said...

The book I'm reading right now touches on this as well. It points out that we do many things without being aware (sometimes even on purpose). Like reading the paper while eating. We really aren't focusing on our eating then. It's a good book.

Dymphna said...

Doing one thing at a time is hard for me.

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