Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Nostalgia

Things that used to be part of Easter that I just don't see anymore:

1) Women wearing Easter hats
2) Women getting Easter corsages
3) People buying new clothes for Easter
4) People dressing up for Easter
4) A crowded Easter Vigil Mass

In my circle of experience, none of this occurs anymore and, it makes me a bit sad.

As a child, my mom would get us new Easter dresses, complete with hats, gloves and patten leather shoes, every Easter, to be worn to church for the rest of the year.

Husbands would buy their wives corsages to wear on Easter morning.  The world would explode in a rebirth of color.  Easter was truly something special in the wider culture.


TACParent said...

My mom bought us those white, almost plastic hats that had annoying elastic cording that went under your neck. Made me itch.

Dymphna said...

I know! I certainly didn't love having to dress up at the time, but now that I'm heading towards 50, I find myself rather nostalgic for it all!

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