Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

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Thursday, I talked about a fascinating New York Times article about "The Americanization of Mental Illness" which talked about the exporting not only of medical knowledge from the West, but of specific mental illnesses themselves as well as some theories about the effect of current Western thought and culture on mental health and recovery, ending with a theory the article proposes about the loss of a spiritual focus on mental health.

For 7 Quick Takes Friday I talked a bit about relief for Haiti and where to donate towards that worthy cause, and about Divine Mercy and some of the beautiful prayers written by St. Fausina.


TACParent said...

Prayers for Haiti.

Marilena said...

oh i sooo like your template! :) very nice.

Marilena said...

oh i wanted to tell you i made a really nice post on agoraphobia. come over to the corner and see it. :)

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