Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

Sunday Snippets is brought to you each week by RAnn at This, That and the Other Thing. Last week began with a St. Nicholas Day post about the Catholic origins of Christmas.

Music Monday featured Handel's Every Valley Shall Be Exalted to match last Sunday's scripture readings.

I followed that with a very important and serious post about the new "Safe School Czar" who advocates some very unsafe and illegal practices.

December 7, in contrast, highlighted FDR's Pearl Harbor speech before congress declaring war on Japan, the last time war was formally declared by the United States.

Yesterday I talked a bit about a traditional liturgical association in Ireland, The Catholic Heritage Association, which seeks to preserve Latin, Gregorian Chant and Sacred Polyphony.

Finally, RAnn pointed the way to a wonderful Catholic Roundup Advent Calendar, which has a different author talk about something Advent related each day. A great way to prepare for the birth of Christ!


TACParent said...

You've had a busy week a blogging!

Dymphna said...

I have!

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