Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Line for Confession!!

Just got back from confession at my parish.  Father has been generous enough to schedule confession every Wednesday night (with nothing else going on in the church) during Advent.  This means he has to get in his car and drive to the church since the rectory is located in another county.

Tonight, confession was scheduled from 7-8.  I got there at about 7:10 and there was a line from the back of the church all the way up to the front!  People must have been lined up in the parking lot before Father came and opened the church!  This was without anything else going on in the church to "draw" people--no penance service, no pot luck--nothing.  Just people driving in the cold and dark to prepare their souls for the coming of Christ, led by their pastor.

If you took notice of our transgressions, Lord--
Lord, who would be left?
But with you is forgiveness
and for this, we revere you.
~Psalm 129

(from tonight's evening prayer.)

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