Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1) My dog surprised us yesterday by de-stuffing a pillow my husband had given me a couple of years ago. The pillow said, "No outfit is complete without a little dog hair." I'm not sure why the dog didn't de-stuff the one that says "No outfit is complete without a little cat hair". Perhaps that will happen soon. She hasn't de-stuffed a pillow for quite a while. When we first got her, she decided that all my stuffed cats had to be killed, one by one. Perhaps she'll get coal in her stocking this year!

2) I bought a Febreze Flameless Luminary. They look so cool, with their flickering light that mimics candle light, and I figured our house could always use some scent. They are quite easy to use--just turn the switch to on, insert the square paper (which holds the scent). It goes off after four hours by itself, but i had to turn it off much sooner than that because the scent was very strong. Perhaps it is the fact that my house is so small, but I was disappointed because I love candle light and nice scents. I'll probably try it again, farther away from where I happen to be sitting.

3)  I have a new, fun link category on my sidebar:  Retro/Vintage.  (Scroll all the way down, almost to the end.) I've found some interesting blogs that focus on vintage hair and fashion.  I admit that I don't consider the 1980's to fall under that category, but I forgive them that.  I love the looks from the 1940's myself. Although I probably won't be setting my hair with that level of detail any time soon, I've always wondered exactly how it was done.  Now I know!  Lisa Freemont gives away all the secrets to beautiful 1940's looks on her YouTube channel.  She even tells us the specific hair cut many women got in the '40's to achieve those beautiful looks! The mystery is solved!

4)  Also in the Retro/Vintage category is The Gallery of Regrettable Foods.  This site had ds and I in stitches when I first discovered it years ago.  Perhaps some of you remember the odd jello concoctions made by mom or grandmom and brought to family gatherings in the 1950's or 60's.  Jello with various vegetables comes to mind.  This site has them all (and much more) and makes you feel like a top chef in comparison!

5)  Another site that is not technically retro is Mad Hattery which highlights royal head wear from around the world.  The British Royal family is one of the last to sport hats on a regular basis and I love stopping by the Hattery to see what they're wearing.  The Queen seems to rarely have a "bad hat day", IMO.  Her striking white hair is a perfect canvas for all sorts of hats, dresses and coats designed especially for her.  This beautiful teal green hat and coat ensemble is a good example.  She also looks like she's having a great time.  Very classy lady.  Also included in Mad Hattery are any crowns worn in the line of duty (and very occasionally, mantillas).  Fun stuff!!

6) Aux Belles-Choses is an internet friend of mine who makes beautiful retro-inspired aprons (the kind you that are so pretty you almost hate to use them) as well as Edwardian inspired dresses.  Her stuff is beautiful--check out her site!

7)  I've still got some Christmas preparation to do.  For me, this does not include baking 5 dozen cookies, but it does include addressing and sending Christmas cards and putting up Christmas decorations.  I normally do the latter on or near Gaudete Sunday, which is this Sunday, when the altar and celebrant are dressed in rose to symbolize the joy we feel because the Advent waiting period is nearing its end.


Marilena said...

the queen is definitely the queen of hats isn't she? :D

Dymphna said...

She is and she wears them very well.

Convenor said...

Dear Dymphna,

It would be very kind if you could let your readers know about the latest issue of our journal 'CHRISTVS REGNAT' ( and about our blog ( to which you're very welcome to link/follow/add to your blogroll.

God bless you!

St. Conleth's Catholic Heritage Association

Dymphna said...


TACParent said...

1. Tell Sweetie I said, "bad dog, bad dog." Then smile at her, because that's what I would do.

2. I like real candles ... but I have to remember to light them and then blow them out. Do you think you can light it without scent?

3. Well, if you end up with a 40s hairdo I'll know where you got the idea.

4. We had our share of "regrettable foods," but not the jello with vegetables -- thank goodness. I think I'll have to check out that link for a good laugh.

5. I've never been much into hats. Hated Easter Bonnets -- made me itchy.

6. For the longest while I had an apron my Aunt made me. It finally fell apart. Homemade aprons were the best.

7. I've still go to finish decorating the tree and I haven't even started wrapping gifts. Yikes!

Dymphna said...

1. I can't help smiling at her either!

2. We tried it again in the bathroom and it seemed much better.

3. I don't think I'm talented enough to do a 40's hairdo. But I love watching how they're done.

4. It's hilarious if you are in the right frame of mind.

5. I didn't like them much as a kid, either. Some of mine had those awful elastic straps to keep them on my head!! But, I do think hats are classy!

6. I actually wore my apron the other day. I was cleaning the bathtub in a navy blue outfit and figured one drop of chlorine would ruin it. An apron was the answer.

7. Gift bags are the answer too!

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