Tuesday, October 13, 2009

An Alternative Catholic Healthcare Model

Divine Mercy Care, brainchild of Dr. John Bruchalski of Fairfax, Virginia, is the future of Catholic healthcare.  There is a greater need than ever today of quality, affordable and compassionate health care that is not regulated or priced out of existance.

Divine Mercy Care has two branches.  The first is Tepyac Family Center, an OBGYN practice that focuses on John Paul II's Theology of the Body.  They do not view fertility as a disease, but as a gift.  They do not prescribe birth control, do sterilizations or perform abortions.  Instead, they use a holistic aproach with a non-profit model which allows them to spend time with their patients.  Their focus is on health, not on making money.  In fact, Dr. Bruchalski says it is not possible to make money on some fee-for-service practices today. 

The other branch of Divine Mercy Care, DMC Pharmacy, run by Robert Sembler, operates in a shopping center in Chantilly, Virginia.  Because of its committment not to sell cigarettes, pornography or contraceptives, including the "Plan B" emergency contraceptive, they have come under fire from media outlets such as the Washington Post, and they need our support. 

If you are not near Chantilly, Virginia, you can transfer your prescriptions conveniently online and have them mailed to your door for a small fee.  Their pharmacy will match any verifyable local retail prescription price and also offers a $4.00/30 day and $10.00/90 day generic prescriptions. Their "About Us" page shows that they undersell Walmart on many prescriptions that do not yet have generic equivalents. And, yes, they take insurance.

I honestly think this is the future of Catholic healthcare.  I am currently reading a book Diagnosis Critical - The Urgent Threats Confronting Catholic Healthcare by Leonard J. Nelson, III, that outlines the current crisis confronting Catholic hospitals. 

In a comment on InsideCatholic, where the article inspiring this post came from, Decon Ed proposes that the Catholic Church "get out of the mega-hospital business...and use those funds to establish community-based, faith-based clinics."  I think that is an excellent idea.  As health care becomes more and more regulated and less and less affordable, this option to serve humanity and bring Christ to all is where the Church is needed and where Catholic healthcare headed, I think. 

If you are as inspired by this story as I am, click on the link above and transfer your prescriptions to DMC pharmacy.


Cygnus said...

I think it's especially necessary that clinics and stores like this get the Church's support. Look at how unions are running roughshod over Catholic hospitals, for example.

Dymphna said...

I definitely think this is where the Church can do the most good in healthcare.

TACParent said...

This sounds very interesting. How'd you find out about it? Your knowledge continues to amaze me.

Dymphna said...

I found out from InsideCatholic.com. Its a great site for reading a bunch of stuff from Catholic sources all in one place.

Marilena said...

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Mary333 said...

It would be great if this spread across the country. This post was fascinating and I hope it is the future of Catholic healthcare. Thanks for sharing it.

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