Friday, October 09, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Today is Friday, traditionally a penetential day. Give something up today. The Church prescribes either abstaining from meat, or doing something extra today.

2. Say a Rosary today in honor of the month of the Rosary. Offer it up for those who are suffering. Offer each decade up for a different intention. Give your worries to God.

3. Pray Psalm 50 (51) today. Such a beautiful penitential psalm. Here is a video I did of Psalm 50 (51) using a Byzantine chant from Great (Good) Friday.

4.  I was reading something today, about an Eastern tradition of wearing a cross, either all the time, or at least when you receive communion.  Food for thought.  Do you wear any signs of your religious beliefs?  Do you think it is fair that many people are either forbidden, or feel it is not right to wear outward religious signs in their workplace?

5.  I'm wondering if one of the reasons that Sunday has lost its spiritual meaning for many is because Friday has lost its spiritual meaning.  When we do not meditate on the death of Our Lord each Friday, we can not rejoice at his Resurrection on Sunday.  Perhaps for Christians, Friday should be a day to do things we would rather avoid doing, to offer them up with the sufferings of Jesus that we remember on that day.

6.  Where does that leave Saturday, then?  If Friday is a day set apart to share in the sufferings of Christ, and Sunday is a day set aside by God since the beginning of time to rest, and since the dawn of Christianity to celebrate a "little Easter", where, then, does Saturday fall?  I think Saturday becomes the day of work.  As is often the case, society has it backwards.  Saturday is often the day of recreation and Sunday is the day to "get things done."  Perhaps we can continue working and giving up little consolations on Saturday in order to clear out our Sundays for celebrating.

7.  Sunday used to be a family time.  A "little Easter" celebrated with a big family dinner after church.  Bring out the traditional dishes that make each family so special.  Go against society's trend and avoid shopping on Sunday.  Avoid paying bills.  Avoid mandatory sports.  Celebrate the Lord's Day.


TACParent said...

I sat with this post for several days before finally commenting. It reminded me of lots of different faiths/practices. How many people are willing to express/share their beliefs?

Saturday is slowly becoming my gratitude day -- a day I take notice of different things I give thanks for. We try and have Sunday as family day, but now that the kids are older it often becomes a full house day with friends over. Which is another way of sharing each other, I suppose. This post had lots of meat. Lots to think about.

Dymphna said...

I like that idea--Gratitude Day. What sort of things do you do on that day?

Its hard to set aside any day of the week in this society, especially when your kids are the age yours are. So much going on! But you are right--its a good way to share yourself with others.

I just saw a video of Fr. Benedict Groeschel yesterday and he talked about how isolated we are now with technology--much more so than even a generation or two ago. Its good that you guy are sharing yourselves with others.

Anne said...

I love this Dymphna! You have so much food for thought here! Your video gave me the chills with that haunting chant. Thank you so much!

Dymphna said...

Thanks, Anne. I have a musical setting of psalm 50 (51) that I use for Holy Week, and I wish I had a recording of it. But, that Byzantine Chant is perfect, isn't it?

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