Friday, October 02, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. As those of you who read my blog know, my friend has pancreatic cancer. He is 48 years old. Please pray for him and his family.

2. I continue to stay busy wrapping up the sale of my mother's house. It is odd, emotionally, to have some of her furniture here because it means it is no longer there.

3. Also, my family is dealing with the increasing frailty of my mom and now my aunt. There is just no easy way to face this, I think. It's difficult to imagine that an entire generation of my family will be gone very, very soon.

4. My dh and I are practicing for a Song Fest at our neighboring church on Sunday. It has humbled me. There is a big difference between singing along with YouTube and singing without that backup!

5. It's finally cool here. Fall has arrived. Somehow the weather is a surprise this year. I think I'm just not as focused on what season it happens to be right now. One thing I start doing when the weather changes is to light candles in the evening. Cheaper (I think) and easier than lighting a fire. With our finances this year, fires will be few and far between, probably. But candles really warm up the atmosphere.

6. Speaking of that, dh and I were talking about Christmas decorations in light of the new furniture we have around the house. He was commenting that I could put our (small, fake, fiber optic) tree on our tea table or, he teased, we could not put up the tree. Frankly, I was thinking of just doing my gobs and gobs of Nativity related decorations and not doing the tree this year. But, I'll probably end up putting it up very close to Christmas. We'll see. Tradition dies hard with me.

7. I would like to put in a prayer request for my brother in law, who lost a job with a company he has worked for for 30 years. No reward for his loyalty or hard work. He has 2 minor children that he still has to raise.


TACParent said...

1. Prayers continue.
2. Another chapter. Allow the emotions to show up and move through.
3. That is difficult. I remember it well. My father was the last sibling on his side to pass away.
4. How'd it go? I love to sing ... but I really require some sort of back-up.
5. The weather has been beautiful hasn't it? We have seen a touch of yellow on the leaves of the trees in our neighborhood.
6. It is hard when/if you try and let go of tradition. But, as for the fiber optic tree -- it may be time. How about getting some pine swags to lay around your mangers?
7. Prayers for your bil as well. I didn't know he hadn't found a job yet.

Dymphna said...

I really appreciate your prayers. Yes, I am moving through the emotions. It is a relief to be able to do that. It is also a blessing for my sister and me to be able to share our mom's "stuff" as a way to keep part of her nearby.

I'll have to sit with the idea of no tree this year. She what dh really thinks as Christmas comes. Maybe I can put it out in the sunroom if I really feel that it is necessary. It would be nice to see the lights from inside the house.

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