Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

These are going to be real quick today!

1. My aunt is indeed in the assisted living facility. She seemed ready and happy on the day she went in. It has been a long road for us.

2. I'm going to a Tupperware Party tomorrow! Have you been to one? I seem to have one source for my "at home parties" I attend. They are always fun and I've gotten some useful things from them over the years.

3. I am going to Mass in Baltimore on Saturday night. My husband is playing at the Saturday evening Mass at our parish and the other organist is playing the Sunday Mass that we usually do. Since I'm going to be in Baltimore, I'll take advantage of the opportunity to attend St. Benedict's Church on Saturday night. It will be nice to be back.

4. My husband and I are going to Sunday night vespers at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary! It should be a wonderful experience. Vespers is an ancient way of worshiping in the Church that many today do not get a chance to experience. We are blessed to be near this great seminary.

5. My software is now working properly. Technology is a continually humbling experience.

6. House selling is also a humbling experience. Even when it is going relatively smoothly.

7. I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I am now trying my best to eat a no-low fat diet--mostly vegan. It seems to have cut down on massive cravings so far. There are some great vegan websites out there, including Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, This is Why You're Thin, (yeah, in my dreams, lol!) and Vegan Lunch Box. The latter is an especially great service since a good deal of the problem with my diet is eating out. I must remember to pack a lunch!

1 comment:

TACParent said...

I'm a little late on my comments, but ...

1. Alleluia!
2. I hope you had fun.
3. I'm glad you got to visit St. Benedict's.
4. Did you and dh enjoy the vespers? I'm sure you did.
5. Lots of prayers on that one,eh?
6. And more prayers on this.
7. I admire your willpower.

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