Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Many Intentions

PhotobucketI have a lot of prayer intentions I would humbly like to ask your prayers for.

1. Please pray for a newborn baby born to a forum friend of mine. His name is Joaquin and he coded right after birth this evening. He has been transferred to another hospital. His father is on his way overseas to his third military (war) posting. He was not able to be with the mom at the birth of their baby.

2. Please pray for another internet friend whose daughter, Gigi, has just been diagnosed with leukemia. She went to the ER for something unrelated and the attending physician ran a blood test because she was pale. The family is in shock. The mother just gave birth to her third child. Gigi has an older sister.

3. A friend of mine is awaiting the death of her mother in law. Her husband's brother is also in the hospital and is having a very difficult time dealing with the impending passing of his only living parent. Because of his diagnosis, his prognosis is largely up to him.  Please pray that God sends His healing power and peace to their family.

4. Please pray for my aunt who is caring for her older sister who has Alzheimer's.  There have been the inevitable legal delays in getting my older aunt placed where she can be cared for.  It is very, very wearing on my aunt and uncle. 

5.  Please pray for all those who have lost their jobs and are unemployed or underemployed.  My husband had lost his job after 10 years, and my brother in law, after 30 years with the same company.  My neighbor has just told us that he is afraid that his job may be next. 

6.  Whatever happens politically, please pray for all those without health insurance.

7.  For another forum friend who is trying to night wean her 9 month old.  She is sleep deprived because her dd is using her as a pacifier to get back to sleep.  Not unusual; not a large prayer request in the scheme of things, but I remember how difficult this stage of parenting can be and how it can affect so much of the parents' lives. 


TACParent said...

I am visualizing gathering up this lovely prayer list and putting it in the most beautiful basket, adorned with flowers, and laying it as the foot of the cross. We are never alone. In God (and also in the support of good friends) we find comfort.

Dymphna said...

Awww...what a beautiful image--thanks so much!

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