Thursday, October 30, 2008

What is at stake in this election?

Fr. Phillip Neri Powell, O.P., P.h.D., has written a very succinct post about why he is not voting for Barack Obama.
This man believes that it is morally acceptable to kill children. He believes that it is morally permissible to attempt to kill a child in the womb, fail, and then leave the child to die once delivered alive. This man believes that all Americans should participate in his evil by being forced to pay for the genocide of abortion with federal tax dollars. That the overwhelming majority of children murdered in the womb are black seems not to concern him at all. He has promised to eliminate all democratically enacted laws against the murder of children by signed the so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" if elected.
This is it, people. This is why we can not elect this man as president of the United States. Yes, it is time we elect an African American as president. Yes, it is time we stopped turning away the poor at the door of hospitals and doctor's offices. But, killing our children, both before, and now, after birth, in order to leave more money and more stuff for ourselves is the height of selfishness and a grossly twisted way to "prosperity".

Rationalizing it by saying that these pre-born infants are not people, or not as important politically as those who are living (read: "productive members of society"--we are all one illness or accident away from slipping out of *that* category) is no better than anti-abolitionist slave owners or pro-Eugenics Nazis.

Our society is on the brink of electing the most radical anti-life politician ever to run for president of a major party in the United States. Our media is ignoring important aspects of his publicly stated value system. Many of us are being swept along by the overwhelming propaganda that the mainstream media is no longer even trying to hide.

When Catholic Hospitals no longer exist because its doctors are forced to do abortions, we can not say that we did not know.

When Catholic adoption agencies no longer exist because they are forced to go against their stated values or close their doors, we can not say that we did not know.

When our ministers, priests and rabbis go to jail for "hate speech" when speaking out against the actions of the government, we can not say that we did not know.

We are going to vote in the next administration on November 4, 2008, just as the German people voted in Adolph Hitler on March 13, 1932. In 1945, after more than a decade of systematic extinction of entire groups of people (who were deemed by the government as not being "fit" to continue existing) people all over the world asked the German people, "How could you do this? How could you let this happen?" Most said, "We did not know."

They were not believed.

They will not believe us either.

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