Sunday, October 26, 2008

Novenas for the Presidential Elections

Today is nine days before the presidential election in the United States. Father John Corapi is asking us to pray a Rosary each of the nine days, for the election.

The Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops has also asked us to say a Novena beginning today. It is called the Novena for Faithful Citizenship and is on the Bishops' website.

Please consider doing something in the way of prayer or sacrifice for the elections in the United States.

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Cygnus said...

Ewwww. That "Faithful Citizenship" document is providing plausible denial for pro-abortion groups telling Catholics it's okay to elect a pro-death President.

More from Inside Catholic.

From my read of it, the document tries to do what many abortion supporters seek: make abortion no more important than other issues. Catholics do not believe this. It's typical pandering from the white guilt-ridden denizens of USCCB HQ in northeast DC.

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