Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Saint for 2009

I am so happy!! My Saint of the Year for 2009 is Saint Rose of Lima, one of my favorite saints! For the rest of the year 2008, I will have her picture along with my saint for 2008, St. Julie Billiart, on my sidebar.

St. Rose was born in Lima, Peru on April 20, 1586. She refused to marry, preferring instead to enter a convent. When her parents would not agree to that, she stayed with them, living a life of penance and solitude as a third order of St. Dominic. She worked in the garden and sewed to help her parents earn the money they needed to survive.

Near the end of her short life, she began to care for the homeless, elderly and sick in a room she set up in her house. This was the start of social services in Peru.

Marilena of A Traditional Catholic, is giving out saints for the year, for anyone who wants one.


TACParent said...

You have found a very beautiful picture of her. I am sure she will Bless you in 2009 (and always).

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks! She certainly inspires beautiful art!

Marilena said...

yes she does inspire beautiful art:)

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