Monday, October 27, 2008

Hope for Christian Europe

I heard this interesting bit of news on ETWN radio tonight. Ulf Ekman, a Swedish Pentecostal pastor, said in an interview with Charisma magazine,
“With secularism and Islam taking over in Europe, revival slogans won’t suffice. The need of the hour is a powerful, effective unity including the historical churches.”
Ekman himself avoids debating doctrine with Catholics and insists he is not on the road to conversion to Catholicism. Instead, he is calling for charismatics and Pentecostals to "rethink their theology".
“If anybody can proclaim himself a leader," Ekman says, "the result is confusion. We need to develop a consciousness of history. The early church was not [a bunch of] happy charismatics. There was much more order and structure than we have been taught.”

Catholic Symbolism in Official Europe

In other European news, I also heard a striking thing on EWTN tonight about the flag of the European Union. I was flabergasted to learn that the designer of the flag, Arsène Heitz, designed the flag with its 12 stars on a blue field, after the crown of 12 stars and color blue worn by the Virgin Mary.

These two bits of news coming out of Europe, give me hope, not only for those countries, but for my own as well.


Anonymous said...

I had noticed that about the flag before, but in my cynicism I suspected it meant that Europe is the Great Whore or something like that...

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Hmmmm....I doubt it!

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