Monday, September 15, 2008

Saint Gemma

I wanted to highlight a new blog about St. Gemma Galgani. She was an early 20th century mystic who had the stigmata, endured attacks by the devil, and experienced visits from her guardian angel.

Stop by the St. Gemma Galgani blog and learn more about her.

By the way, this photo of Saint Gemma (from that blog) is completely new to me and really seems to illustrate the closeness with Jesus and inner peace that Gemma experienced.

So far, statues and illustrations of her don't come close to showing her real spiritual power.

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Glenn Dallaire said...

Hi Dymphna,
Thank you so much for the link to my St Gemma Galgani blog. St Gemma is my special patroness, so the blog is really a "work of love", so to speak.

That photograph of St. Gemma is indeed not very common, however it is in two books---
"The Autobiography of St. Gemma Galgani" and also "the Voices of Gemma Galgani".
I just posted more information about that photograph in one of the comments on the site (under the guardian angel post).

May God bless you,
Glenn Dallaire

Dizzy said...

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Feminism IS about those things.

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Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks so much, Glenn! I really need to read some books about St. Gemma.

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Dizzy, let's take this under the Sarah Palin post.

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