Sunday, September 07, 2008

God is my strength

Living out one's life as a Christian in today's society is difficult. There is no way, for us as human individuals, to stand against all the challenges that currently exist. We are told every day by our culture and the people around us that pleasure is the only goal, that our individually decided rights are paramount and that individuals create their own morality.

So many of us have been completely hoodwinked into believing the current narcissistic world view, that we hardly know any more what is right and what is wrong. Like the frog in the pot of water, our environmental change has been so incremental and so pervasive, that we don't realize we are dying as a society.

When our universities, which are supposed to be places of free exchange of ideas, no longer pass on Western culture and refuse to engage in any kind of dialogue which includes the world views of either students or faculty who are believers, when we are bombarded with nihilism, violence and pornography in media marketed to all audiences, when living out anything approaching a morally principled lifestyle is undermined and mocked at every level, both in public and in private, how close to the collapse of our society might we be?

Pope Benedict XVI frequently talks about the dictatorship of relativism that passes for culture in the West. If there are no absolutes, society, by definition, becomes anarchistic and chaos is the result.

For myself, I have realized that I am powerless to affect any change. The only solution is to throw myself at the feet of Our Lord and beg Him to give me the strength to live out my life as He would have me live it.

God is my strength.

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