Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Reap What We Sew

The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women is calling on HBO to stop promoting sex trafficking and prostitution by airing their show "Cathouse", set in a (legal) brothel in Nevada. The sad thing is, for many people a show such as this is no more than a blip on their radar screen. Television is merely reflecting our current culture, where morality is completely up to each individual. We have gone from "Friends" to "Sex in the City" to "Cathouse" in one generation. The resulting glorification of casual, uncommitted sex is making us numb to the tragic lives of real women around the world.

I think the issue of sex trafficking is one that is, sadly, escaping attention in this day of moral relativism. Many people think that women in prostitution are there voluntarily, which couldn't be further from the truth in most cases. They are there, either because they feel they have no choice financially, or they are being forced into it by present circumstances, past abuse issues, or are actually being physically forced by violent means.

In these days, decades after the "Sexual Revolution", many think that there can *be* no "wrong" when it comes to "consensual" sex and as long as a woman is getting something in return. (Money is the presumed "perk", but sometimes all she gets in return is merely her life in the case of prostitution, or a "relationship" in the case of "dating"--the definition of *that* word has certainly changed in the past 30 years!)

Moral relativism is killing women and children around the world, sometimes literally, sometimes psychologically. The end result of the Sexual Revolution has been to make the expectation of sex accessible at any time, almost from the first encounter, for men. The women are expected to take the birth control and make sure there are no consequences for the man. The pregnancy, birth, raising or surrendering the child, or the abortion? That "just happens" to fall on the woman who has swallowed this lie.

Meanwhile, she often gets none of the support, or sacrificial love from her partner that is called for when a child is conceived. Men are entering into sexual encounters with no immediate intention of permanent commitment and women are willing participants.

We reap what we sew.

For more information on what you can do to help stop global sex trafficking of women and children, visit The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women.

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