Wednesday, June 18, 2008

English Majors of the World--Unite!!!!!!

In spite of my frequent inability to spell properly, I got a real kick out of this blog. It is called TEAL: Typo Eradication Advancement League. What a great idea for a blog! What a great idea for a life calling, lol!

These guys have decided that their lot in life is to go about reporting on, and in some cases, correcting public typos. This often involves the whiting out or adding various types of punctuation, mainly apostrophes. Things like "New's Paper's Only" are surreptitiously corrected in the dark of night using some white tape to become "News Papers Only".

One incident reported on the blog took place in Middletown, PA where various students' names were "corrected" by a computer spell check by the company hired to print the year book. Max Zupanovic became Max Supernova. Kathy Carbaugh became Kathy Airbag, and Alessandra Ippolito became Alexandria Impolite. Taylor Publishing, although declaring that they are taking full responsibility, said, "It happens all the time, every year."

Perhaps that shouldn't be the case in a company that gets its revenue from WORDS!


rebecca said...

haha... that is great! not sure whether i would correct things like that in the middle of the night, but i sure do get a kick out of finding them... i guess it's the one thing us english majors have (everybody else gets the big paychecks, but we get a feeling of mental superiority... hehe). glad to see you're putting your time to good use while you recuperate :)

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thanks, Rebecca! Yeah, I got a real kick out of this blog too! Public grammar mistakes drive Mike crazier than they do me, really. Of course, he is old enough that he was actually *educated* when he was in elementary school. Of course, so were you because your mom taught you! :)

Renaud said...

Hello Dymphna,
I'm still a loyal reader :-)
One question not related to this post:
I'm looking for this amazing video you posted once, about priest vocation, showing a black priest witnessing a car accident on a highway and giving last ointment to a person dying on the floor.
Could you pls find it back?

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Hi, Renaud! Good to see you again! I'm so glad you are still a loyal reader!

I've gone back through all my YouTube videos and I can't find the one you mentioned. If I come across it, I will let you know.

Renaud said...

Good morning!
Now I remember (I also crawled into your YouTubes before posting), it might be a simple hyperlink you quoted once.
Ouch! Really hard to find back.
Hope you can recall it :-)

Cygnus said...


What-ever could-you-be's talking a-bout? "Its" not-funny!

(Written in the style of a handwritten sign at a corner store in my East Baltimore neighborhood)

I? Spell "anal-retentive" with a hyphen. :-D

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...


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