Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day Meditation

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. As you let the cleansing air into your body, feel the tension drain out.

Let your imagination take you to a place. It is early morning. The fog is just lifting as you tiptoe outside. You are barefoot. Feel the dew on the grass as it tickles your feet.

Feel the early morning sunlight on your face. It is the perfect temperature as it surrounds you. Feel the world awaken. Hear the birds prepare to feed their babies.

You wander down a small incline to a grove of beautiful trees in bloom. Take a deep breath as you inhale their fragrant sweetness. You notice a particularly beautiful tree whose branches are spread out to cover you.

Slowly, you begin to notice that the blossoms on the tree are part of a large piece of fabric. Voluminous and all-encompassing, it covers you protectively. Feel its weight as it lightly covers you.

It is the veil of Our Lady. She is your Heavenly Mother, come to take you in her arms and surround you with unconditional love. She is attentive, concerned and as close as a prayer.

You are at peace. You are secure, in this moment.

Image by Kathleen Giles.

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