Thursday, May 15, 2008

Morgan Update

Here is Morgan's mom's latest update:
Morgan is doing very well. They have begun to wean her off of her PICC line meds so she can take oral meds instead and hopefully get out of the PICU tomorrow. So far, her body is responding slowly but positively to the weaning process. The fluid around her heart and chest ("effusion") is gone almost completely and they will probably take her chest drain out tomorrow. Her heart rate is better, her pressure is better and her oxygen saturation is up too! She didn't even need to wear the nasal cannula with extra oxygen last night which she was THRILLED about. One of her IVs is coming out today too.

She has another echo tomorrow morning to look at the heart function. I suspect a lot of the "plan" will hinge on that echo results. We are hoping to be out of her sometime next week and on maintenance heart meds at home. We will be seeing her cardiologist at least weekly for echos on an outpatient basis. If her heart shows little or no improvement by tomorrow or this weekend we may have to start the transplant process.
So, please pray for Morgan's electrocardiogram tomorrow and for her full recovery.

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