Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Word for the day? Cats

Apparently today's "word" for me, is, "cats". I had a dream about a bunch of kittens trying to get across a street. The mom cat was carrying one. A bunch of people on bicycles came down the street and the first one had to put on the brakes quickly, causing a pile up of bikes.

In real life, I had a job in Hanover today. Next to the building where I work, is an abandoned theater. I noticed, sitting in the otherwise empty display window was a beautiful brown tabby cat--very friendly, pawing the glass.

Seeing that cat made me smile. I think the lesson for today is to accept God's outpouring of love wherever you find it.

Note: The above picture is not the actual cat in question.


Marilena said...

beautiful picture, beautiful post! i LOVE cats! i just think they are so sweet!!! of course, i am biased because i have a putty cat:) hee hee hee:)

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

We have one too. I saw the cat in question again today and found out that the owner of the building actually does live there (They are renovating it) and therefore, the cat is owned.

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