Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Mercy--a message for our time

Today, much of the culture, much of art and music and film is meant to shock us out of our complacency. If there is no shock value, it is often not even considered art anymore. The very fact that we need our culture to be so extreme for us to even notice, says a lot about our level of apathy.

Man's fallen nature is all around us now, to the point where we see it as completely normal. Our culture, for example, has now normalized ideas that were brought to the fore by Nazi Eugenicists. Some people who are less than perfect, or were not "planned" are seen as completely expendable. It is now almost a duty in some circles, to do away with them. Society is now responsible for deciding who gets to live and who needs to die.

These "values" were horrifying 60 years ago and now are fought for every day across the country. Things, ideas and practices that would have been completely unthinkable a generation ago, are now commonplace. Momentary, physical pleasure is what is celebrated and assumed in television and theater. Commitment to anything or anyone--job, church or lover, is passe and seen as just not practical or possible.

What we've done, is given up hope. We don't think there *is* any hope for redemption. We don't see how it's possible anymore. We think we've gone too far to turn back.

The message of Divine Mercy is one of Hope. It is NEVER too late. As long as there is life and breath, there is hope of salvation and freedom from the endless game of narcissistic self-fulfillment.

The message of Divine Mercy is the message of Jesus. He is calling and He will keep calling us each by name.

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Terry Nelson said...

I've always liked this image.

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