Sunday, January 06, 2008

Epiphany memories

Ah, Epiphany.

Seventeen years ago today, my dh and I were in Redeemer Lutheran Church in Baltimore, watching our 2 year old son carry the Baby Jesus up the aisle for his day care Epiphany pageant. (The director had wisely decided to postpone any "Christmas" festivities until Epiphany so as not to overwhelm the little ones. The "twos" could come in their footy pajamas.)

The teacher told us that the child who was supposed to carry up the Baby Jesus (a teddy bear wrapped up in a baby blanket) chickened out at the last minute, so our son volunteered. Of course, at 19, he remembers none of this. But each Epiphany, we remember how proud we were.

To us, he may as well have been inaugurated president of the United States.


Angela M. said...

"And a little child shall lead them."

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...


LifeisgreatTAC said...

Maybe he can put it on his resume. You know, he kind of did save the day/pageant. That's such an adorable story. Do you have a picture? I can honestly say, "I knew him when ..." But I didn't get to see this great memorable event.

Marie said...

"Redeemer Lutheran Church."

What a coincidence..the Church I attended as a Lutheran was Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church:).

Hope you enjoyed a great Feast Day.

Peace to you:)


Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

We did take pics at the time--parental paparazzi that we were! But given my non existent photography skills, he turned out to be a little dot in the picture. And, who knows where they are now!

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