Friday, December 28, 2007

Today's Holy Innocents

Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents--the boys between birth and age 2, slain by King Herod's men in the bible. Herod was threatened by the idea that the Christ Child had been born in Bethlehem, as promised in Scripture, and that He would overthrow Herod and become king.

Today, children, babies, are once again seen as threatening burdens and not the blessings that they are. People are told that sex is a right and a need, whether or not they are married, and that some simple things will take the "risk" out of it and make it "safe".

Contraception is seen as fool proof if used correctly. It is not. There are user and method failures for all types of contraception. What happens then? Abortion becomes the "solution". "No one will know. Its just a blob of cells," women are told.

Women are being fooled into buying the idea that there is such a thing as consequence-free sex. What this really means is that women are becoming *more* clearly sexual objects than they ever were in the past. There is no longer a need for men to commit, either to marriage or even to a career, because sex is now viewed as being a basic need innately without consequences.

It is seen as a fault and weakness if a woman has sex and, *gasp*, manages to conceive a child. Honeymoon babies are seen as tragic "mistakes" and couples who wish to have more than one, or two children at the most, are ridiculed and put down, often by members of their own family.

It is truly counter cultural today to decide that sex belongs within marriage, if for no other reason than that sex tends to produce babies who need a stable environment in which to be raised. In order for men to step up to the plate and care for their children, women need to demand stable, marital commitment from them before sex ever takes place.

So, on this feast of the Holy Innocents, think of just who our "holy innocents" are today: those children who are called "mistakes"--those children who are killed merely because their parents are not brave enough to face the fact that they exist.

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