Monday, November 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Birthday wishes go out today to Kevin Rhodes, Bishop of Harrisburg.

He turns 50 today.

(Yes, he is young for a bishop.)


jackie said...

I think this is a nice blog site Matthew. I had a dream where St Dymphna's name came to me, and her holy card image was sort of pulsating in the pavement in my dream, hard to explain briefly... but that dream and her name when I found out what she was the patron saint of, has led to me understand and accept with compassion and love what was going on( at the time we had no clue) with my husband;s brain and illness.
amazing ... how she has helped in ways I would not have guessed, but beautiful ways.Pray for me and my business, I support me kids and myself solely as my husband cant do much anymore and is out of state and not really in touch too much...I like your quote .

Cygnus said...

Hi, Jackie! (Pssst...Dymphna's real name isn't Matthew.)

For Dymphna: Bishop Rhodes came to Harrisburg after being the rector of the seminary at Mount St. Mary's in Emmitsburg. Or did you already know that?

Marie said...


*waves* from sunny Australia!!

Peace & JOY to you:)

Marie..PS: I posted a short piece on the movie 'The Golden Compass'. I could do with some advice. Please let me know your thoughts over at our blog View from the Pews. TY 4HisChurch:)

Divine Mercy said...

happy birthday

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday.
Our bishop isn't that old either.

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