Monday, September 24, 2007

Sleeping With Bread

Today, I am grateful for all those who came before me who sacrificed for me.

Sacrificial love is a concept that I think, few have today. We, as a society, are so hell-bent on fulfilling ourselves, that we barely notice the other person until, often, it is too late, and they are gone.

The virtue of "longsuffering", a fruit of the Spirit, is one that is often hard won and difficult. To love sacrificially means going through the pain because of that love. It means, often, not doing something, not pointing your life in a direction that you might want it to go in, because, to do so, would not be for the good of the other.

True love is sacrificial. True love is nothing more than desiring the true and complete good for the other, no matter where that might leave you.

True Love was shown on the cross.

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