Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Novena to Your Guardian Angel

October 2 is the feast of the Guardian Angels. Although, I am a day late in starting this, this is a novena to one's guardian angel, which, if begun yesterday (sorry!) would have ended on the feast day. But, I am a believer in prayer and so, I decided to post it anyway.

A Novena is said for 9 consecutive days.

Novena Prayer To Your Guardian Angel

O Holy Angel, whom God, by the effect of His goodness and His tender regard for my welfare, has charged with the care of my conduct,

And who assists me in all wants and comforts me in all my afflictions, who supports me when I am discouraged and continually obtains for me new favors, I return thee profound thanks,

And I earnestly beseech thee, O most amiable protector, to continue thy charitable care and defense of me against the malignant attacks of all my enemies.

Keep me away from all occasions of sin. Obtain for me the grace of listening attentively to thy holy inspirations and of faithfully putting them into practice.

In particular, I implore thee to obtain for me the favor which I ask for by this novena. (Here mention your petition.) Protect me in all the temptations and trials of this life, but more especially at the hour of my death, and do not leave me until thou hast conducted me into the presence of my Creator in the mansions of everlasting happiness. Amen


Sr. Mary Grace said...

Dymphna, Peace to you and thank you for the lovely prayer to our Guardian Angel(s).
It is so real and so 'personal'...of course, our angel knows all about us and assists us at every moment.
Thank you again for the wonderful prayer which helps us to express these beautiful sentiments.
Sr. Mary Grace

Dymphna (4HisChurch) said...

Thank you, Sr. Mary Grace!!

ANGEL said...

I just picked a special interest in prayerfully exploring guardian Angels and how I can enter into deeper relationship with mine, even though he has always been there for me. I believe your prayer will be a great resource; in fact, believe my Guardian Angel led me to this prayer.

Dymphna said...

Thanks so much, Angel!

anon on the river said...

Peace be with you; I offer to God your prayers, prayers of our prayer partners, my Guardian Angel novena and other prayers in name of Jesus Christ, thanks praise glory to God, amen and God bless you...

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