Monday, September 03, 2007


I have heard through the grapevine that Mount Saint Mary's will host a priestly ordination in LATIN!!! I'm so excited!! This excitement, however, is not shared by my dh, or even by the priest at our parish. *Sigh*. I don't know how many will be ordained, but I do know that one will be Brother Robert, who serves at our parish as well as our "mother" parish in a nearby town.

I'm definitely going, for the historical value if nothing else. I don't have a conscious memory of the Mass in Latin. My dad used to tell a story of taking me to Mass when I was a baby. He sat in the back and realized, too late, that the speaker was right over our heads. The priest, apparently, had a booming voice, and my dad was sure I would cry, but I didn't.

So, having no memory of the Mass in Latin (I actually learned whatever sacred Latin I know from my [secular] college choir), I am looking forward to seeing an ordination in Latin!!


Divine Mercy said...

the TLM is very beautiful. i recommend if you haven't gone, make a point of going when you can:)

4HisChurch said...

I am! Thanks!

Cygnus said...

I've yet to go to a TLM; there aren't any in my vicinity. This ordination would be great to see!

4HisChurch said...

I know! Isn't there a TLM in Baltimore somewhere?

C. said...

The first ordination I went to was in Latin, I was 6 and still remember it to this day despite having been to ordinations since then. St. Alphonsus in Balto, near the diocesan building has the TLM every Sunday.

4HisChurch said...

I thought it was St. Alphonsus, thanks! Wow, you've been to an ordination in Latin!? That's great! I can't wait for this one.

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