Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yeah, I'm old. I admit it.

You know you're in the 21st century when you are missing your recently-moved-out offspring, so you just go to his YouTube channel and watch the latest entry again.

Just sign me,
Pitiful Middle Aged Mom :)


diana said...

You did a good job with him!

4HisChurch said...


Anonymous said...

He is like....so your son. Looks like a very nice young man.

I take it he is into Anime considering he mentioned Otakon. Saw many convention attendee's this past Friday. My office is right next to the convention center and a lot of the attendee's came into my buiding to eat at the Blimpies, Cafe 101 or the Pizza Place. Very interesting costumes. A lot of fun to watch.

Hmm...my "niece" is into Aimee...and yes you know her mother. Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match..... :-)

4HisChurch said...

Yep. He and a friend from OLV go to Otakon every year and have a great time.

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