Saturday, June 16, 2007


It's time I post a little about Emmaus, where my son is currently living. Named for the city in the bible where the apostles met Our Lord after he was raised from the dead, it is a much-needed drug and alcohol-free music venue/coffee house run by some very enterprising local Gettysburg young people.

They are renting a building that used to be an Elk's lodge-complete with a 2 lane bowling alley in the basement (sorry--no duck pins, though!). The guys live dorm-style upstairs and they have concerts, open mic nights and bowling nights, along with the Thrift Shop to raise money.

This endeavor they have taken on is a very worthy cause, and they are in the process of getting 501-c3 tax exempt status.

So, if you are interested in music, free trade coffee, very inexpensive clothes and other items, or old fashioned bowling, make a point to drop by next time you are in Gettysburg.

Stop by the Emmaus website and donate through Pay Pal, or just have a look around.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading stories like this! I will keep them in my prayers!

4HisChurch said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

We were in Gettysburg on Saturday for a day out. Passed by the Emmaus music/coffee house. (sorry for not stopping by although I did show DH were you house was). BTW I had forgotten to put you AIM name on my buddy list...sorry for not responding to your hello. I promise to next time :-)

4HisChurch said...

Cool! We used to come up to PA quite a bit before we moved here.

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