Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

It is Good Friday. The altar is bare. Jesus is gone.

How many altars have we seen in our lives that are bare?

Have you ever been in a Catholic Church and been unable to find the tabernacle? Where is the burning candle that should be there? Our souls should cry out: “Where have they taken Him? Where have they taken my Lord?”

Is the altar of your soul bare? Where is Christ?


Innocent said...

Burning candle? What burning candle? Is there supposed to be one? I've seen red-shaded lamps in some churches... Come to think of it, I did see a candle once, in a church. Not too sure which one it was..

Innocent said...

That bare altar in the picture looks grand. Which church building is it from?

Staying in Balance said...

Well, the red shaded lamps (at least here in the US) are candles. In my parish, it is actually yellow, believe it or not.

The picture is not from any church I've ever been to!

Staying in Balance said...

OK, I have an answer for you about the picture. It is a design for The Liverpool Cathedral, that has never been built.

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