Saturday, March 17, 2007

Visual DNA Meme

Hat tip to the Southern Conservative.


Under the Poetree said...

Well, what a delight to come across your blog! Drop by sometime and chat a while. I've a "Chatanooga Choo Choo" box that is begging for some more visitors. I'm a baby boomer, too. I love the mts and the sea, lakes and rivers, all of nature that I can take. I especially love the "prairie sea" across Nebraska. Newly returned to the Catholic Church as of Dec. 2004. Been feasting at the banquet table every since and nearly every day! I love the Church, I love my Mother Mary, and I love knowing I'm safe in her arms, wrapped in her mantle as she leads me to her Son, everyday for Supper. The Tiber was an easy river to row, once I made up my mind to jump in the boat!

I love a variety of teas, a good book and old classic B&W movies...and of course, my dog, Tigger- who's the little Queen Clown of my life.


Staying in Balance said...

Thanks for stopping by, Susie!!

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