Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Blogs

I've added 3 new Catholic blogs. Et-tu, Jen? is a diary of a former atheist converted to Catholicism and a good read.

I found a blog by the Catholic Illustrators Guild called Smallpax Sketch Blog via Amy Welborn and it's a treasure! It's refreshing to know that there are Catholic artists out there that are, well, artists...and...Catholic! Stop by and you'll see what I mean. On the lighter, but no less talented side, the blog author even does quite good art on a Magna Doodle!

Pontifications by Father Alvin Kimel is excellent! A convert from Anglicanism, Father Kimel considered Orthodoxy before coming to the conclusion that he couldn't ignore the theological and cultural legitimacy of Catholicism.

Check them all out!

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