Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Anti-Christian Money Maker

Saw a bit of a story on Good Morning America this morning. Seems that someone has found yet another burial ossuary that he claims is the burial place of Jesus. Apparently there is an inscription bearing the words "Jesus son of Joseph" as well as some reference to the "Jesus" in question being the father of "Judah."

The story said that the tomb had been discovered (I think it was) 27 years ago and archaeologists at the time did not think it had anything to do with Jesus of Nazareth.

Hmmm...why bring it up now, then? Oh, that's right. It's Lent. Got to try to debunk Christianity during their holy season. Plus, think of all the money to be made! (Remember all that Gospel of Judas crap that came out last Easter?)

For the real scoop on this, go to scripture scholar Ben Witherington's Blog.

Hat tip to Amy Welborn for the info.


Anonymous said...

Was it only 5 years ago when Ben Witherington claimed the "James Ossuary" as proof of the existence of Jesus Christ and as PROOF AGAINST the Ever-Virginity of the Mother of God? Was it only 5 years ago when BW was all over the news breathlessly arguing for the authenticity of his bone-box and revealing his humble belief that he was somehow chosen (like some Holy Prophet) to deliver this good news to the world and the bad news to the poor, benighted Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians? Surely Witherington must realize by now, even as he is being used anew by the enemies of the Faith (They are linking the James Ossuary to the "Jesus Tomb!"), that he was never a Prophet but always just a pawn.

Anonymous said...

Witherington uses his "James Ossuary" against the Ever Virgin, Theotokos, Mary:

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