Wednesday, January 03, 2007

RIP Fr. Bell

I discovered yesterday, that a beloved Anglican/Episcopal priest we knew years ago, has gone to the Lord. In Western Orthodoxy: Fr. Antony Bell, RIP, I learned that Fr. Carl Bell had indeed converted to Orthodoxy, taken the name Antony, and died this past summer of cancer.

Decades ago, I was away from the (Catholic) Church when friends invited dh and I to go to their Episcopal Church. Fr. Bell taught us (and re-taught me) more about the richness of my (Catholic) faith than I had learned or experienced in the decades coming out of Vatican II. After he left that parish, I had a feeling he would convert, probably to Orthodoxy, but we lost touch with him. I have been feeling sad to learn that he died in June of cancer before we had been able to track him down again. I feel like he was instrumental in my return to the Catholic Church in the days before I discovered (through the internet) that there were Catholics out there who remembered and practiced some of the spirituality that I thought had disapeared after Vatican II.

May God rest his soul and comfort his family.


ukok said...

May the soul of Fr. Bell rest in Peace.


4HisChurch said...

Amen! Thanks for stopping by from the UK.

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