Friday, January 19, 2007

Proposed bill to silence nonprofits, churches is reporting that Nancy Pelosi is trying to get a bill passed that would declare churches and non-profit organizations as "grassroots lobbying firms" if the church tries to convince its members to voluntarily contact federal officials to voice their opinions on an issue. If a church directs its message at even one individual who is not a member, they would also fall under this category, as would any church who spends an aggrigate of $50,000 or more on such efforts per quarter.

The bill would require registration and reporting of churches and other nonprofit organizations and impose fines and even criminal sanctions.

This is a blantent attempt to silence the voice of the political right wing, which has finally found an outlet in recent years. Pelosi wants to be able to do what the legislators of Pennsylvania recently did--basically pass bills behind the closed doors of the silencing of free speech.

The interesting thing to watch is, if this bill passes, would anyone protest? How many clergy would go to jail for their beliefs? How many people would stand up for their right to free speech?


Darrell said...

That's the thing about the lefties, isn't it? They're all for freedom of speech ... FOR THEM.

4HisChurch said...


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